XSLT transform editor

The  Development Studio XSLT transform editor consists of the Sample pane, the Tokens pane, the Document tab, and the Source tab. The transform editor wizard launches to assist with the creation of the initial transformation expression. After the expression is created, when the Transform button is clicked the XSLT transform editor window is displayed, populated with the current expression. The XML sample and any tokens that were defined with the expression will be saved with the expression.

This section contains the following topics:


The following BMC Communities video (6:42) provides an example of using XSLT. The workflow in the example includes a context item that serves as an input for the workflow. If a workflow user does not provide a value, an XSLT expression is used to assign a default value that is based on a string value or a module configuration.


The following BMC Communities video (6:58) demonstrates the practical application of XSLT in . It shows extracting an SNMP Monitor adapter event and translating the SNMP trap into a consumable XML structure.


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