Working with HA-CDPs

You can create a high-availability (HA) environment by installing multiple configuration distribution peers (CDPs) on a grid.


Multiple HA-CDPs in a grid are not supported.

A CDP acts as a discovery server, which enables peers that are not directly connected to discover and communicate with each other. An HA-CDP provides redundancy for this feature. When an environment does not contain any HA-CDPs, the single CDP is a single point of failure.

When a second CDP is configured on a grid, the peer type for each CDP configured on the grid changes from configuration distribution peer to HA configuration distribution peer. In an HA environment, CDPs are ranked. By default, the rank assignment corresponds with the order of installation. You can change the rank at any time, provided all configured CDPs are in a fully running state.

All CDPs in an HA environment can manage grids, control peer and adapter functions, configure the repository connections, and manage module and administration functions. If the primary ranked CDP is not operational, changes to the grid can still occur using a secondary CDP; however, any changes can be overwritten when the primary CDP becomes operational, if conflicting changes were made using the secondary CDP.


Launch Grid Manager from one CDP and perform administrative functions (adding accounts, configuring email, auditing, and metrics) from this CDP.

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