Using the Breakpoint Manager

The  Development Studio Breakpoint Manager can be used to activate, deactivate, or delete an established breakpoint. From the Breakpoint Manager, you can select an established breakpoint and view the activity within a process.

The Breakpoint Manager is available through the button in the main toolbar from either the process Designer or Debugger view, and from the Tools menu using the Breakpoint Manager menu command.

The Breakpoint Manager displays all breakpoints that have been created for processes in the current environment. The Step column indicates the activity on which the breakpoint was created. Through this tool, you can enable, disable, or delete one or more established breakpoints.

These functions are available in the menu for an activity. The Breakpoint Manager enables you to see all breakpoints and make group changes rather than individually at the activity level.

The Enabled/Disabled column indicates the current breakpoint status. A check mark indicates that the breakpoint is active, and an empty check box indicates that the breakpoint is inactive. To change the current status of a breakpoint, click the check box in the row of the activity to be changed. Within the process, the breakpoint indicator on the activity will toggle between active and inactive.

One or more breakpoints can be deleted by selecting the rows of the breakpoints to be deleted and clicking Delete.


Breakpoints cannot be created through the Breakpoint Manager. If a breakpoint is accidentally deleted, you must re-create it with the menu for the activity.

To view a breakpoint activity in its process, click the row of the breakpoint activity to be viewed, and then click View. The process canvas for that activity's process will be displayed and the selected breakpoint will be outlined in blue.

A breakpoint can be created through the menu for an activity while in either the process Designer view or the Debugger view.

To create a breakpoint

  1. With a process displayed on the  Development Studio process canvas, right-click the activity on which to set a breakpoint.
  2. Click Breakpoints > Create Breakpoint.


    You cannot set a breakpoint on a Start or an End activity.

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