Solution development strategies

Solutions created using  workflows can be abstracted and decomposed into manageable chunks by using the layers provided by the  Platform. The layers provided are the Projects, Applications, Operations Actions, and Adapter Utilities. Starting with the use case or user story, proceed as follows:

  1. Write the user story in the following format:

    Example 1 for a user story
    As a <user>, 
    I would like to <action>, 
    so that <value>.
    Example 2 for a user story
    As a change manager, 
    I want to approve the change for a given change id,
    so that I don't have to use the UI.
  2. Elaborate the story with the system specifics by adding system and environment data to the story. Identify the steps needed to accomplish the task.

    Example of elaborating a story with the system specifics
    Connect to IT Service Management and authenticate as change manager, 
    using the change id, find the change and change its status to approve. 
    Return a success if completed successfully.
  3. Create a Project: _ITSM Global Parameters or some such name. This module details the global configurations.
    • Application: ITSM Change Management Actions
    • This module will contain the workflows that implement the business processes.
      • Authenticate User (target, username, password)
      • Get Change by Change ID (target, change id)
      • Extract Change Status (change id)
      • Update Change Status (change id)
  4. Identify the Operations Actions and Adapter Utilities needed to complete the solution. For example, Get Change by Change ID can be found in the AutoPilot OA Change Management module.
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