Library Manager

Use the  Development Studio Library Manager to import, export, unbundle, and compare modules. Each of these operations has its own tab in the Library Manager interface.

Import Modules tab

Use the Import Modules tab in the Library Manager to import modules into  Development Studio and unbundle them. The Library Manager offers repository and disk as import sources. The disk source enables you to import modules from an alternate location, such as a hard drive. The import table on the Import Modules tab enables you to import, or copy, files into  Development Studio and unbundle them, which loads them into the workspace. You can select to only import modules and return to the Library Manager when you want to unbundle the modules.

  • Import: copies the module from the repository or disk to  Development Studio and stores the files. However, the module is not available for use.
  • Unbundle: copies the module from the repository or disk and loads it into the  Development Studio workspace for revision, testing, or export.


    Unbundle only those modules that you need. Large numbers of modules can cause performance delays in Development Studio and on the grid.


    You must be logged on to import modules. Development Studio will prompt you to log on if you are working offline.

Unbundle Modules tab

Use the Unbundle Modules tab to load imported modules into the workspace if you did not unbundle the modules when you imported them.

Compare Modules tab

Use the Compare Modules tab to compare modules from the local workspace with modules in the local library or the repository. In the repository, a module can have multiple revisions of a version. Multiple developers can work on the same module version, and every change is saved as a revision to that module version.

Export Modules tab

When you have completed designing and testing modules, you can export them to the repository or to a disk. Use the Export Modules tab to select the modules to export from the local library to the repository or local disk. During export, enter or select a version for each selected module.

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