This section provides information about installing the  Platform and Content.


If your environment will use HTTPS, ensure that your environment supports TLS secure transport protocol before installing Platform.

Installation process checklist

This topic describes a typical  installation and the order in which you must install the components. You can use the installation checklist in this section to keep track of your progress.

Regardless of whether you use the GUI installation or the silent installation, you must install the  components in the order shown in the Component installation checklist.


When installing components on a UNIX computer, ensure that the installation path does not contain a back slash ('\'). 

To install and configure  for a high-availability environment, see Installing a CDP as an HA-CDP.

To install and configure  with Remedy Single Sign-On high-availability clusters, see Installing BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform with Remedy Single Sign-On high availability clusters

Component installation checklist



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External Remedy Single Sign-On (optional)

If you are using an external Remedy Single Sign-On (Remedy SSO or RSSO) authentication system, you must have installed it before installing the repository.

The external Remedy SSO system must be up and running before you install any components.



If you are using an external Remedy Single Sign-On authentication system, it must be installed and running before installing the repository.

Installing the repository


Configuration Distribution Peer (CDP)

  • Install the CDP after you have successfully installed the repository.
  • You can install the Operator Control Panel application with the CDP.
  • The CDP installation program requires the repository be up and running (and if you are using an external Remedy Single Sign-On authentication system it must be running).
  • After installing the primary CDP, the Default group has full access to the repository and to the grid, just as the AoAdmin group.
    Edit the Default group to remove the following permissions: Development Studio, Grid Administration, and Grid Management.
Installing a CDP


Additional peers:

  • High-availability configuration distribution peer (HA-CDP)
  • Activity peer (AP)
  • Lightweight activity peer (LAP)


Before you install any additional peers, you must use Grid Manager to add the peer to the grid. For more information, see Adding peers

The HA-CDP installation program requires the CDP and repository to be up and running (and if you are using an external Remedy Single Sign-On authentication system it must be running).


Install the Health and Value Dashboard component anytime after you complete step 3 and configure the CDP.

You must configure the environment to work with the dashboards after installing them.

For information about installing the dashboard component, see Installing the Dashboards.

Installing the Dashboards
6.Operator Control Panel (OCP)

If you did not install the OCP with the CDP, install the OCP anytime after you complete step 3 and configure the CDP.

Installing the Operator Control Panel


BMC Atrium Orchestrator Content, which includes adapters, modules, and run books

Content includes adapters, modules, and run books.

You can perform this step anytime after you complete step 3.

Installing BMC Atrium Orchestrator Content


BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio

BMC recommends that you install Development Studio after you install the CDP and content. While you can install Development Studio without installing the CDP and content, to use content in Development Studio, you must connect Development Studio to the grid where you have installed the content.

Installing Development Studio
9.Post-installation configuration

After installing the components, ensure that you complete post-installation procedures.

You must set up the fail-safe configuration for the service bus and any other procedures that apply your environment.

Configuring after installation

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