Importing modules from disk

In the  Development Studio workspace, modules are stored in module archive files, called .roar files. You can import module archive files from an external source, such as a hard drive.

The following video (4:35) demonstrates how to use Library Manager to import and unbundle modules.

To import and unbundle a module from a disk

  1. In the the  Development Studio Launch Pad, click Library Manager.
  2. On the Import Modules tab, click From Disk.
  3. Navigate to the location of the module archive file, select it, and click Choose.
    You can select multiple files in the same directory location to import them at the same time. 
    The module appears in the Import Modules list. 
  4. In the Import Modules table, select the Import check box to select a module to import. 
  5. (optional) To unbundle the module when you import it, select the Unbundle check box.

  6. (optional) To select a specific version or revision of the module, click the version number or revision number and select the number of the version that you want.

  7. Click Import.

    The time necessary to import and unbundle modules depends on the number and size of the modules that you select.

    After the modules are imported and unbundled, you can use them in the Designer.


If you import a module that already exists in  Development Studio, the system prompts you for an action. You can continue, overwriting the existing module, or you can cancel the import.

If after you import a module it does not appear in the Designer, check the Import Modules tab to see whether you imported, but did not unbundle the module.

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