High availability for the CDP at a single location

This deployment topology uses the CDP's failover capability and offers low-cost operational redundancy with negligible maintenance overhead. In this environment, both CDPs handle grid administration and the HA-CDP handles job processing if the primary CDP fails. When deploying adapters in this topology, you must deploy all adapters to both CDPs.


BMC recommends this configuration if your environment must tolerate the loss of a single CDP. Although, not recommended, adding additional activity peers (APs) that execute workflows in a two-peer CDP/HA-CDP scenario might add a further measure of job-peer redundancy. Customers vary depending on the type, mix, and volume of workflows that they execute on the grid. A majority of customers have observed better job throughput and stability in virtual environments by using a two peer CDP/HA-CDP configuration.


To set up high availability using your authentication service, refer to the authentication service instructions Remedy Single Sign-On HA environment .

Two Peer

This configuration provides high availability for the CDP. To achieve this high availability configuration, you must complete the following activities:

  1. Install a single instance of the repository.
  2. Install the primary CDP.
  3. Stop the repository and the CDP.
  4. Install the HA-CDP.
  5. Install and configure the adapters on both the CDP and the HA-CDP.


If you are installing a non-English version of the Operator Control Panel,  you must install it separately from the CDP. You must install the non-English OCP and CDP on separate Tomcat servers.

To prepare for this deployment, complete the following worksheets:

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