Configuring BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio to use CVS

Use this task to configure the  Development Studio application to manage the workflows in a grid using CVS.

Before you begin

Before you can configure  Development Studio to integrate with the CVS product, you must install and configure CVS. You must know the username and password for a user with access to the CVS repository.

To configure  Development Studio to use CVS

  1. In the project tree in the Project Navigator of the  Development Studio Designer view, right-click the name of the grid whose modules you want to manage in CVS.
  2. In the menu, select Team > Share Project.

  3. In the Share Project dialog box, select CVS and then click Next.
  4. Provide the following information in the Enter Repository Location page and then click Next.




    The name of the host where the CVS repository is installed.

    Repository path

    The path on the host that leads to the location of the CVS repository that you want to use.


    The user who will be associated with the changes to the workflows.

    This must be a valid CVS user.


    The password for the specified user.

    Connection type

    The type of connection that Development Studio will make with the CVS repository:

    ext, extssh, pserver, and pserverssh2.


    You can choose the default port, or you can specify the port to use.

    Save password

    Not supported in Development Studio.

    Configure connection preferences

    Not supported in Development Studio.

  5. On the Enter Module Name page, specify a new name for the CVS module or select an existing CVS module and then click Next.



    Use project name as module name

    A new module is created in CVS and given the same name as the grid.

    Use specified module name

    A new module is created in CVS and given the specified name.

    Use an existing module

    An existing module is used.

    Use project name as module name and place it under the selected module

    A new module is created in CVS under the selected module. The new module is given the same name as the grid.

  6. On the Shared project resources page, review the resources to be placed in CVS, select Launch the Commit wizard, and then click Finish.

  7. In the Commit Wizard, select the components that you want to commit to the repository, type any comment that you want to include and then click Finish.

 Development Studio is configured to work with CVS to manage the source configuration of the grid workflows, and the selected components are added to the CVS repository.

To access CVS functions, right-click the grid, workflow, or other component in the Project Navigator, and then select Team.

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