Collecting business metrics

Metrics data is recorded in the process metrics database configured and designated in Grid Manager.

The business metrics that are collected by the Metrics activity are different from the standard process metrics. The standard process metrics are collected if you set Record Metrics to true in the Process Properties dialog box in the  Development Studio application.

If you plan to generate Value Dashboard Business Metric reports, you need to assign specific names to some of the activity properties. For more information, see Setting up the Value Dashboard and reports.

To configure the Metrics activity and populate the metric value field with a context item

  1. On the  Development Studio process canvas, double-click the Metrics activity.
  2. On the Properties tab, type values for the Category, Description, and Status fields.
    BMC recommends that you do not assign Foundation as the category, because that is the category assigned to the standard process metrics collected if you set Record Metrics to true.
  3. Click Browse to launch the Context Browser.
  4. Select the context item that has the information you want to collect.
  5. Enter a value in the Metric Name field.
  6. (Optional) Transform the value if necessary.
    1. Click the Transform button to launch the Transform Editor.
    2. Enter the expression to be used to transform the value of the context item.
    3. When the expression is complete, click Save and Exit to close the Transform Editor.
  7. (Optional) To collect another metric, click Add and repeat steps 4 through 6.

  8. After you have entered all of the metrics information, click OK.

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