Basic production environment

In this deployment configuration, the repository, BMC external authentication service (optional - needed if you do not use the embedded authentication service), and the CDP and any optional components reside on separate servers, as shown in the following figure. The  Development Studio component is installed on a separate Windows desktop computer.

In this configuration, the single CDP handles all of the grid administration and workflow execution for the grid. Because the CDP contains the largest number of deployable components and requires a dedicated server, BMC recommends this basic configuration for a production environment.

This configuration is suitable if you do not require a high-availability environment.

In the following example, each server contains a separate Apache Tomcat instance.


As an option, you can install the  Operator Control Panel component with the CDP or on separate servers.


If you are installing a non-English version of the Operator Control Panel,  you must install it separately from the CDP. You must install the non-English OCP and CDP on separate Tomcat servers.

To prepare for this deployment, complete the following worksheets:

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