Additional namespaces

You can define additional namespace records when you are working in the  Development Studio XSLT transform editor. These records are used to define an extension that can be included in an XPath Select statement, the property panel of an Element node, or the Property Panel of an Attribute node.

To add a namespace

  1. From the Stylesheet property panel, click Additional Namespaces.
  2. Click the Add button in the right toolbar to add a record to the table.

  3. Double-click the field in the record's Prefix column and then enter the prefix.


    This value must be a qualified name (Qname), beginning with a letter, colon or underscore and consisting of alphanumeric characters, underscores or dashes.

  4. Double-click the field in the URI column, and enter the URI that points to the schema for the extension.

  5. When all namespaces have been added or removed, click OK.


    Records can be deleted by clicking the record to be removed and then clicking the Delete button.

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