Adding peers

The configuration distribution peer (CDP) is the primary peer in the grid. It provides a central administration point and is a workflow execution engine. The CDP houses the  Grid Manager application, which enables administrators to conduct various configuration, activation, and maintenance tasks on the grid. It can also host adapters and workflow modules, which are used by the grid to communicate with external systems. Typical grid configurations include one CDP, although a grid can house two CDPs in high-availability (HA-CDP) mode. The CDP is added during installation.

An activity peer (AP) executes workflows. Similar to a CDP, the AP can host adapters, but it does not provide administrative services. When you add an AP to the grid, the AP automatically downloads activated workflows from the CDP to provide high-availability workflow load balancing. If a CDP becomes unavailable, the AP continues to process workflows with the other available peers in the same grid. Lightweight activity peers (LAPs) host adapters, but unlike the other peer types, they cannot execute workflows. APs and LAPs can be added after installation.

You can use the Grid Manager Peers tab to add peers.

To add a peer to a grid

  1. Select the Manage tab, and then select the Peers tab.
  2. Click the Add a Peer icon.
  3. Enter a name for the peer.
  4. (Optional) Enter a description.
  5. Select a Type from the list.


    After a peer is configured as a configuration distribution peer (CDP), its type cannot be changed.

  6. (Optional, not applicable to LAPs) If the peer will be used as a synchronization point for uploading metrics, select Sync Point.
  7. (Optional; not applicable to LAPs) If this peer will service SOAP requests to run BMC Atrium Orchestrator workflows, select SOAP Endpoint.
  8. (Optional) To add adapters to the peer, click Enable and select the adapters that you want to enable on the peer.

    You can only enable adapters that have been added to the grid.
  9. Click OK.

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