Workaround if a platform installation on Linux hangs or fails

This page provides solutions to work around issues with BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform component installations on Linux hanging or failing to complete.

Installation on SUSE Linux is slow or stops working

When installing BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform on SUSE Linux, the installation is slow or stops working and the following message is displayed:

{Description=[Execute rngd to gather entropy],Detail=[[Exception running command: Cannot run program "rngd" (in directory "/tmp/selfextract.l0L02D"): error=2, No such file or directory]]}

This is a known operating system issue that can be corrected by completing the following steps and then reinstalling BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform.

  1. Back up the /dev/random file. 
  2. Delete the /dev/random file. 
  3. Create a soft link to the /dev/urandom file. 
  4. Go to /dev directory and run the following command:
    “ln –s urandom random”

Run the installation again.

Installation on Linux appears to hang

When installing platform components on Linux, the installation sometimes hangs and appears not to complete. This is caused by a known Java issue. If the installation appears to be stalled and takes longer than approximately 20 minutes, check the bao_install_log file in the temp directory and look for the following line:

If the log file is empty after this line, the installation did not complete properly. Use the following workaround to complete the installation.

At the command line, run the following command:

rngd -r /dev/urandom

Run the installation again.

For more details, see Workaround when a component server startup on Linux hangs.