Viewing the status of processes

You access the Processes tab from the Status tab by clicking the grid name and then clicking the Processes tab.

The Processes tab displays the processes currently running on the grid. Only those processes that have been picked up for execution by the Job Manager appear in the Processes tab. You can view the processes and the process description, status, and peer information for each process. Processes that have recently completed might also be displayed before the tab refreshes.

Based on the roles assigned to your account, you see the Processes tab in either the view or modify mode. If your account is assigned a role with permission to terminate processes, you see the Processes tab in modify mode and you can terminate processes there.

Processes are displayed in a tabular format, grouped by module name. Click a plus sign to expand a module that contains multiple processes. The process version and status (such as In Progress or Completed) are listed in parentheses next to the process name. The process information appears in columns to the right of the process name.

Click , the View Process details icon, to view the Process Details page, which shows the process ID and job ID generated in BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio.

To refresh the Processes tab, click , the Refresh icon. Alternatively, select the auto-refresh check box to automatically refresh the status view every 10 seconds.

Clicking the Back to Main Status text link, in the upper right corner of the tab, returns the display to the Status tab.