Viewing installation logs with the Maintenance Tool

The Maintenance Tool provides a dashboard for all utilities that are delivered with BMC Atrium Orchestrator. You can use the Maintenance Tool to review logs or configuration parameters. The Maintenance Tool also provides the Log Zipper utility that collects and archives log files and operating system information that BMC Customer Support can use to help you troubleshoot problems.

You can find the Maintenance Tool for any product in the installation program's directory and also in the installationFolder\MaintainBMCAO directory.

To view installation logs with the Maintenance Tool

  1. Navigate to the installationFolder\MaintainBMCAO directory and start the Maintenance Tool.

  2. To view a log, select the Logs tab, and then select the log to view.

  3. To save the log files and other information to a zip file that you can send to BMC Customer Support, select the Logs tab, and click Zip Logs.