Verifying the repository installation

To verify the repository installation, you can open the catalina log and review the file to determine whether it contains errors. The catalina file records information when the server starts and while it runs. If no errors are displayed in the file, then the repository was installed successfully.

To verify the repository installation

  1. Start the repository server.
    See Starting and stopping product components and services for information about starting the repository.
    See Installing the repository for default login credentials for the repository and for Remedy Single Sign-On.
  2. In a text editor, open the catalina.yyyy-mm-dd.log file.
    You can find this file in the AO_HOME/tomcat/logs directory, where AO_HOME represents the repository installation directory.
  3. Review the log file for errors.
    • If the repository was not successfully installed, an error message is displayed.
    • If the repository was installed successfully, the catalina.yyyy-mm-dd.log file does not contain any messages.

If the repository did not install successfully or if you need assistance in locating the catalina.yyyy-mm-dd.log file, contact BMC Software Customer Support.

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