Using a command line to uninstall platform components

In a silent uninstallation, you run the uninstallation program from a command line. You can run a silent uninstallation on Red Hat or SUSE Linux, Oracle Solaris, and Microsoft Windows to uninstall the BMC Atrium Orchestrator platform components.

  • On Windows computers, the silent uninstallation does not direct output to the console.
  • On UNIX computers, a short startup message and a console representation of a progress meter is displayed. The uninstallation finishes without comments on the screen.

Options file to uninstall Development Studio

You need an options file to uninstall Development Studio using the command listed in this page. The file must contain the following parameters:

Property name

Description and sample property


Specifies the full path to the component installation directory.

-P installLocation=<fullPathToTheInstallationDirectory>

This property is required.


Specifies Development Studio. This is used with the uninstall flag -U.

-U productDevStudio

This property is required.

For more information about options files, see the instructions for creating an options file for an installation (Creating an options file) and create the options file using the parameters in this table. 

To uninstall platform components from a command line

  1. Navigate to the installation directory of the component to uninstall.
  2. Navigate to the uninstallation directory, and from the command line, execute one of the following commands to start the uninstallation program in silent mode:



    Server components

    Linux and Solaris

    sh ./ -i silent


    "pathToInstallDirectory"\UninstallBMCAO\uninstall.cmd -i silent

    Development Studio


    uninstall.exe -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE="fullPathToOptionsFile/optionsFile"

  3. Navigate to the installation directory and delete any directories or files that were not removed by the uninstallation program.