Upgrading an authentication service before upgrades of BAO 7.9 with RSSO to 7.9.01 with RSSO

The Remedy Single Sign-On (Remedy SSO or RSSO) authentication service upgrade action that you need to take depends on your current Remedy SSO setup:

  • Embedded Remedy SSO: When you upgrade the BAO repository, CDP, and HA-CDP, the embedded Remedy SSO is upgraded automatically. Do not attempt to upgrade Remedy SSO separately.
  • External Remedy SSO:  Before upgrading BAO Platform components, upgrade your external Remedy SSO to the supported version of Remedy SSO.  See 7.9.01: Service Pack 1 for the supported Remedy SSO version. See  Upgrading Remedy Single Sign-On  for Remedy SSO upgrade instructions.


Remedy Single Sign-On versions and only support BMC Atrium Orchestrator high availability with an embedded database. Stand-alone Remedy SSO versions and installations do not support HA with embedded DB.