Repository installation worksheet

The repository is a required server component that you install before any peers or other components. Before installing the repository, use this worksheet to record information specific to your system. The installation parameters in this worksheet correspond to the parameters in the GUI installation and the options file.


If you are using the Remedy Single Sign-On (Remedy SSO or RSSO) external authentication service, you must have installed it before installing the repository. For more information on the required Remedy SSO version to use with this BMC Atrium Orchestrator (BAO) release, see the release-specific page for the BAO version you are installing in the Release notes and notices section (for example, if you are installing BAO version 7.9.01, check 7.9.01: Service Pack 1.

Feature Selection panel


Default value and notes

Your value


Select Repository to install the BMC Atrium Orchestrator repository.

Root Directory Selection panel


Default value and notes

Your value

Destination Directory

  • Windows:
    C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BAO\REPO
  • UNIX:

Root Port Selection panel


Default value and notes

Your value

Repository Root Port


You can edit the repository port number and the repository shutdown port number by clicking Edit Ports.

Authentication panel


Default value and notes

Your value

Install Embedded Remedy SSO
Cookie Domain


Use External Remedy SSO
Remedy SSO URL
Remedy SSO Realm
Admin Password 

Select your authentication option and provide the required information to use it.

  • Embedded Remedy SSO (the authentication service is installed with the repository)
    Cookie Domain: Provide a cookie domain (see Installing Remedy Single Sign-On for more information).
  • External Remedy SSO (you already installed the external authentication service)
    Remedy SSO URL: Provide the external Remedy SSO URL in the following format:
    For example, if using an external Remedy SSO server with the name external-rsso.mydomain, the URL is similar to the following:

    Remedy SSO Realm: Provide the name of the realm on the external Remedy SSO.
    Admin Password: Enter the Admin password to log into the external Remedy SSO instance.


Advanced Options

Click Advanced Options to edit the following repository settings.

Service Name


If you install more than one repository on the same computer, ensure that you change the Service Name to avoid conflict.

Repository Protocol


Repository Host Name

Fully qualified domain name of the computer where you are installing the repository

Repository HA Address

Provide the repository IP address and port for communication with the enterprise service bus. Use the following format:


On a machine that has multiple network interface cards (NICs) this must be the IP address that allows access from the CDP and/or the HA-CDP.

The default port is the repository web port plus 10. For example, if the repository port is 28080, the Repository HA address is 28090.


  • This entry is required for installations/upgrades with embedded RSSO installations. This is not applicable if you are using external RSSO on the CDP.
  • Often multiple IP addresses are detected by the installer (on a machine that has multiple NICs). Verify the default address and port number and replace them if required.


 Repository Auto Start panel


Default value and notes

Your value

Do you want to start the server after the installation has completed?



Installation Choices Summary panel


Default value and notes

Your value

Copy Text to clipboard

Before you install/upgrade the repository successfully, you can copy the repository connection details to a clipboard for further use.