Removing adapters from a grid

You remove an adapter from a grid when you no longer need it. Instead of deleting an adapter, you can disable it. The advantage of disabling the adapter is that in the future if you need it, you can enable it and use it. If you remove the adapter, you need to add it to the grid, configure it, and enable it before you can use it.

To remove adapters from a grid

  1. Select the Manage tab, and then select the Adapters tab.
  2. On the Adapters on Grid table on the right of the tab select the adapters you want to remove.
  3. Click Remove.

    The adapters are removed from the grid and the names are removed from the Adapters on Grid table. The adapters are still available in the repository and are shown in the Adapters in Repository table on the left of the tab.


    When you remove an adapter from the grid, it is removed from all active peers. 

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