Remove LDAP groups from a BAO group

Removes the specified LDAP group (or multiple groups) assignment from the specified BMC Atrium Orchestrator group.

This topic includes the following sections:



Request URL: https://<hostname>:<port>/baocdp/rest/groupmappings

Header: See HTTP request and response headers for header information, such as required authentication token. 

Request body properties

PropertyTypeRequiredDescriptionValuesDefault value


StringYesBAO group from which the LDAP groups are to be removedUser-definedNA
groupsString arrayYes

List of LDAP groups to remove from the BAO group


Example request body



If successful, this method removes the specified LDAP group (or multiple groups) assignment from the specified group.

Response body properties

statusStatus of the request
messageMessage associated with the request status

Example response JSON


Status codes and messages

For more details about HTTP response codes, see HTTP response codes.

HTTP codeMessageDescription
200OKRequest succeeded
 One or more mapping for the BAO group does not existOne or more of the groups specified to be removed from the BAO group assignment does not exist

Bad request

An error occurred while uploading the resource.

401 Unauthorized
405 Method not allowed

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