Preparing for upgrades from 7.7.x and 7.8.x to 7.9.00 with ASSO

This section describes how to prepare for an upgrade of the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform product: 

Before upgrading

  • Review supported upgrade paths in Upgrading.
  • Make copies of server.xml and broker-config.xml files before upgrading. For more information, see Backing up server.xml and broker-config.xml files.
  • If you are upgrading BMC Atrium Orchestrator components on a Linux computer, run the rngd service to ensure that the system has adequate entropy. For information, see Run the rngd service on Linux computers.
  • If your BMC Atrium Orchestrator environment will use HTTPS, ensure that your environment supports TLS secure transport protocol before upgrading to BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform.

Upgrade sequence


Before upgrading, stop the BMC Atrium Orchestrator platform component services. For example, if you are upgrading CDP, stop the CDP service and then continue with the upgrade.

See Starting and stopping product components and services for details.

When upgrading components, you must upgrade them in the following order:

  1. Repository
  2. Configuration distribution peer (CDP)
    The Operator Control Panel can optionally be added with the CDP. 
  3. Additional peers
  4. Operator Control Panel (OCP)
  5. BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio

You can upgrade BMC Atrium Orchestrator content anytime after you upgrade the repository. When you finish upgrading the platform components, you use Grid Manager to update the content on the grid. For more information about updating content on the grid, see Upgrading adapters.

Upgrade worksheets

During an upgrade, the installation program displays settings from the previous installation that you can modify during the upgrade. 

The upgrade worksheets provide space for you to list the property settings that correspond to the text boxes and options that are displayed during the upgrade process.

Where applicable, properties affected by upgrade scenarios are noted. If you choose to change these settings, use the worksheets in this section to record the new settings before you start the upgrade. 
You can also use the completed worksheets to edit the values in the options file templates used for silent upgrades.

Worksheets for upgrades from 7.7.x and 7.8.x to 7.9.00 with ASSO

Where to go from here

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