Peer ranking

In a high-availability (HA) environment, configuration distribution peers (CDPs) are ranked. If a network outage prevents the CDPs from communicating and each CDP experiences separate conflicting changes, when the CDPs can communicate again the rank is used to determine which CDP's information takes precedence.

By default, the rank assignment corresponds with the order of installation. You can change the rank at any time, provided all configured CDPs are in a fully running state.

If configuration changes on different CDPs conflict, changes initiated by the higher-ranking CDP take precedence over changes initiated by a lower-ranking CDP.


CDP A and CDP B are running on a grid, with CDP A outranking CDP B.

  • A network outage external to BMC Atrium Orchestrator prevents communication between the CDPs.
  • One user logs on to Grid Manager on CDP A and modifies the configuration for adapter X, and another user logs on to Grid Manager on CDP B and also modifies the configuration for adapter X.
  • The user on CDP B is warned that any changes made through Grid Manager can be overwritten. A password is required to initiate the changes. The user supplies the password and the changes are made.
  • When the network connection is restored and CDP A and CDP B can communicate again, the changes to the configuration for adapter X made on CDP A will take precedence, because it outranks CDP B.