Pausing and restarting grids

You might want to pause a grid during an event storm to prevent the grid from being consumed with processing erroneous events. This feature is not often used.

The grid is capable of processing events from an event storm, but the pause feature enables you to choose not to process those events. Restarting a grid after a pause is quick, because component startups or elections are not involved.

When a grid is paused, you cannot add or edit peers, adapters, schedules, or modules. You cannot edit the grid, but you can view adapters, components, and grid metrics for the paused grid.

To pause a grid

  1. Click the Status tab.
  2. Click  next to Pause Grid.
  3. On the Current Operation: Pause Grid screen, enter your password, and then click OK.

To resume activity on a grid

  1. Click the Status tab.
  2. Click next to Resume to resume activity on the paused grid.

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