On Windows 2008 R2 and 64-bit Internet Explorer 8.0, the GUI does not function properly

When you install the CDP on Windows 2008 R2, the following problem can occur when you try to launch Grid Manager.

When you provide the Grid Manager URL, the URL is not redirected to the application. The page shows a link that should redirect you to the Grid Manager application, but when you click the link, an HTTP 505 error message is displayed. 

You can resolve this problem by adding the URL for your CDP and computer to the list of trusted sites for your browser.

To add the URL for an IP address or host name to trusted sites

  1. Launch Internet Explorer 8.0, 64-bit.

  2. Choose Tools > Internet Options.

  3. In the Internet Options dialog box, select the Security tab.
  4. Select Trusted sites, and then click Sites.
  5. In the Trusted sites dialog box, type the URL for the IP address or host name, and click Add.


    If the host name is calbro.server.com, type http://calbro.server.com.

  6. If necessary, add other host names or IP addresses, and then click OK to close the Trusted sites dialog box.
  7. Click OK to close the Internet Options dialog box.