Navigating Grid Manager and Repository Manager

Grid Manager is a web-based application with functional areas accessed through the following tabs at the top of the Grid Manager window.

  • The Status tab provides a visual indication of the condition of peers and adapters configured on the specific grid. It provides links to the adapters, components, and processes pages for each displayed grid. You access grid performance metrics by clicking the Go to Metrics View link. To view options for managing adapters, grid components, and processes running on the grid, click the grid name on the Status tab.
  • The Manage tab enables you to manage aspects of grids, peers, adapters, schedules, modules, and process metrics, and to run configuration reports. You create, edit, and delete grid, peer, and adapter configurations through their respective tabs:
    • Edit configuration item values and schedules for active modules by using the Modules and Schedules tabs.
    • Manage peer rankings for configuration distribution peers (CDPs) and access the manual peer configuration file on the Peers tab.
    • Configure and maintain the database connection for process metrics collection through the Metrics tab.
    • When auditing is enabled (through the Administration tab), you can run grid configuration reports through the Config Reports tab, providing deployment and configuration information for peers and adapters.


      Users assigned to the Development Studio role do not have access to the Manage tab.

  • The Administration tab enables you to configure a repository database connection for audit records and grid performance metrics:
    • Using the Metrics tab, you determine which grid performance metrics will be captured.
    • Using the Permissions tab, you can assign role permissions for access to all executable modules, process directories, and processes.


      Users assigned to the Grid Administration or Development Studio roles do not have access to the Administration tab.

The repository stores BMC Atrium Orchestrator content, such as adapters and workflow modules, in a central location. You access each functional area in the repository through the following tabs at the top of the Repository Manager window:

  • The Manage Content tab enables you to delete, download, and upload adapter and module files to the repository.
  • The Transfer Content tab enables you to transfer content between environments.
  • The Manage Permissions tab enables you to manage permission groups. You can then assign group access for content management, creation, transfer, and access.

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