Monitoring grid status

You can monitor the grid's status, the condition of peers and adapters on the grid, and the components of each peer by using the Status tab in Grid Manager. When you log on to the application, Grid Manager displays the Status tab. You can also access it by clicking it at the top of the Grid Manager window.

This tab provides a visual indication of the condition of peers and adapters enabled on the grid. The Status tab provides more tabs on which you can view the status of the adapters, components, and processes for the grid. Using the icons on the Status tab, you can start and stop peers and adapters on the grid, but you cannot stop the configuration distribution peer (CDP). You can start and stop scheduled processes on the grid. This tab also provides a link to the grid performance metrics.

On the Status tab, the grid status table is labeled with the grid name and a description.

Each peer configured on the grid is identified in the grid status table. The grid contains at least one CDP. The Status icon to the left of the peer name indicates the condition of the peer. The status of a peer is fully running (green), partially running (yellow), or stopped (red).

The right side of the grid status table indicates the overall status of the adapters enabled on each peer and the overall status of the components of the peer. The status detail is indicated using an X/Y format, where X indicates the number of adapters or components that are active or running and Y indicates the total number of adapters or components for that peer.

Click , the Refresh icon, to manually refresh the status information. Alternatively, you can select the auto-refresh check box to automatically refresh the status view every 10 seconds.

The Grid Metrics tab provides real-time metrics about the grid and any peers on the grid. The metrics displayed reflect the threshold color-coding settings, if the thresholds have been configured.