Language enablement support for BMC Atrium Orchestrator adapters

With language enablement, application and base adapters can support multibyte and other encoded data, in addition to data in the ASCII format.

To use BMC Atrium Orchestrator language-enabled adapters in a multibyte environment, you must set your system environment variables for locale and for language appropriately for your operating system. For example, on Linux, the following settings from the /etc/environment file are appropriate for a system with a Japanese operating system and Japanese characters:


When using multibyte characters with a language enabled adapter, you must use the <character-set> tag in either the adapter configuration or the adapter request to identify the character set to be used with the adapter. To determine whether to place the <character-set> tag in an adapter configuration or the adapter request, see the user information for the individual base and application adapters.

Not all BMC Atrium Orchestrator adapters are language enabled.