Installing an authentication service

You can use one of the following Remedy Single Sign-On (Remedy SSO or RSSO) authentication service options with BMC Atrium Orchestrator (BAO) Platform installations:

  • Embedded Remedy SSO: This option is available for selection when you install the BAO repository, CDP, and HA-CDP. In this scenario, Remedy SSO is installed with the BAO upgrade (you do not install it separately).
  • External Remedy SSO: Install a supported version of Remedy SSO on a separate server before installing BAO Platform components. See 7.9.01: Service Pack 1 for supported Remedy SSO information.


Remedy Single Sign-On versions and only support BMC Atrium Orchestrator high availability with an embedded database. Stand-alone Remedy SSO versions and installations do not support HA with embedded DB.

If you are installing an external Remedy SSO authentication service, install it first (prior to installing BAO Platform components).

Embedded Remedy SSO

If you install the embedded Remedy SSO during the BAO Platform installation, a realm named BAOLocal is automatically created during the installation of the repository, CDP, and HA-CDP if it is installed.

External Remedy SSO

Complete the steps in this section to use an external Remedy SSO.


Install an external Remedy SSO only if you are not installing the embedded Remedy SSO with the BMC Atrium Orchestrator (BAO) Platform installation.

Install Remedy SSO

To install Remedy Single Sign-On, use the instructions in  Installing Remedy Single Sign-On . See 7.9.01: Service Pack 1 for the supported Remedy SSO version.

During the external Remedy SSO installation, you are prompted to choose a database type. To use Remedy SSO with BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform, choose embedded database or Oracle database.

Create the default user, role, and realm


Perform these steps only if you are using an external Remedy SSO. If you are installing the embedded Remedy SSO with the BMC Atrium Orchestrator (BAO) Platform upgrade, these steps are completed during the upgrade.

After installing Remedy SSO, you must complete the following tasks before installing BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform components:

  1. Create a realm named BAOLocal (see Working with realms).
  2. Create a user called aoadmin (see Creating and managing local users and roles in Remedy Single Sign-On). Use the default password (see Installing the repository for the default password, which is listed after the installation instructions).
  3. Create a role called AoAdmin (see Creating and managing local users and roles in Remedy Single Sign-On).
  4.  Assign the aoadmin user to the AoAdmin role  (see Creating and managing local users and roles in Remedy Single Sign-On).

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  1. Nigel Belanger

    I don't believe these instructions reflect an enterprise install of RSSO see below:

    Release Version: 9.1.01

    Build Number: 5

    Build Timestamp: 20160615195919

    This version doesn't allow users to be added unless a patch is installed. 

    Oct 18, 2016 09:41
    1. Dorothy Poole

      Hi Nigel. The instructions specify that the supported RSSO version be installed and there is a link to the enhancements page where the supported version is listed. That version is for BAO 7.9.00, which is the patch. If that version did not work properly for you, please contact BMC Support. They will work with us to ensure that the information is updated. I recently updated information to the patch version ask specified by our development team. If it needs to be corrected, I want to ensure that this is done. Thank you.

      Oct 18, 2016 10:20