Installation log file names and locations

During the installation process, installation log files are created in the target computer's temporary directory.

  • If the installation is successful, the installation program copies the installation logs to the installation target folder.
  • If the installation is not successful, the installation log file stays in the temporary directory.
    The following table lists the log files created by the installation programs.

    Installation type

    Installation log file name

    Platform and all components


    Includes installation information for the authentication service, repository, CDP, and all optional components, such as secondary peers.

    Remedy Single Sign-Onremedysso_log.txt Includes installation information for the BMC Remedy Single Sign-On authentication service.
    • AO_HOME/RemedySSO/logs for embedded RSSO
    • RSSO_HOME for external RSSO

    This file is stored in a zip file with a name similar to log_<numbers>.zip.

    BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio


    Includes the installation information for BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio.

    BMC Atrium Orchestrator content


    Includes all installed content: adapters, modules, and run books.

    When you use the content installation program to install a predefined workflow for a BMC solution, the log files are created in installationFolder\import-logs

The following table lists the locations of the installation files by operating system.


Default installation log location

Red Hat Linux


Oracle Solaris



Usually in C:\DOCUME~1userName\LOCALS~1\Temp