Increasing log file size and creating separate peer health log

This page provides information about increasing the size of grid.log and processes.log files and creating separate log files to collect peer health statistics.


The instructions on this page describe modifying the log4j.xml file. Before modifying the file, make a copy of the file and store it in a safe location in case you need to restore the original file. Be careful modifying the log4j.xml file to ensure that the file is set up correctly. Incorrect changes to the file can cause problems with BMC Atrium Orchestrator operation.

Increasing the size of grid.log and processes.log files

The following BMC Communities video (3:47) describes how increase the log file size and backup index to enable better troubleshooting.

Creating a separate log file for peer health statistics

The following video (5:29) shows how to create a separate log file for gathering health statistics on BMC Atrium Orchestrator peers.