Editing grids

Grid Manager enables you to modify the following grid properties:

  • Grid description
  • Logging level

Multiple grids in one installation is no longer supported. If you have multiple grids, BMC Software recommends that you split the grids into multiple BMC Atrium Orchestrator instances, so that you have one grid per installation.

Because there can only be one grid in your installation (and that grid is required), you can no longer delete the grid.

To edit a grid

  1. Select the Manage tab, and then select the Grids tab.
  2. Select the grid that you want to edit; then click , the Edit selected Grid icon.
  3. Specify the changes to the grid configuration properties.


    You cannot change the grid name and the grid ID.

    1. Change the description for the grid (up to 300 characters).

      You can use special characters in the grid description, including spaces, underscores, asterisks, and other punctuation marks.

    2. Change the logging level used for processes running on all peers in this grid.
      The logging level applies to the processes.log file and the logging levels control the process activity information that is logged. Process starts and stops are logged regardless of the logging level.

      Logging level



      The most detailed logging level; logs low-level messages, normal execution, recoverable erroneous conditions, and unrecoverable erroneous conditions


      Logs normal execution, recoverable erroneous conditions, and unrecoverable erroneous conditions


      Logs recoverable erroneous conditions and unrecoverable erroneous conditions


      The least detailed logging level; logs only error conditions that are not usually recoverable


      Turns off process activity logging on the grid

      The process log is located in the AO_HOME/tomcat/logs/processes.log file on each peer. 

  4. Click OK to save the changes.
    To return to the Grids list without saving the changes, click Cancel.

    The screen might take a few minutes to refresh.

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