Deleting peers

You can delete peers that are not being used by deleting their configuration from Grid Manager. However, the deletion of a peer configuration in Grid Manager is irreversible. When you delete the peer configuration, the peer ceases to communicate with the grid. When you delete a peer, all the adapters and components on the peer are disabled. The peer should be uninstalled from the computer where it was installed. The server files will not be functional and cannot be reused after you delete the peer configuration in BMC Atrium Orchestrator Grid Manager. 


After you delete the peer, it cannot be transferred to an existing grid or re-enabled.

To remove a peer

  1. In the Grid Manager application, select the Manage tab, and then select the Peers tab.
  2. Select the peer that you want to delete; then click the Delete selected Peer icon.
  3. Click OK to confirm that you want to delete the peer.

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