Configuring the Start activity

The Start activity for any workflow must contain the information that the workflow uses to accomplish the task. That means that for the List Directory workflow, you must configure the Start activity so that when the workflow runs, you can enter the name of the directory to be listed, the name of the adapter to be used, and the command to be used.

To configure the Start activity

  1. On the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio design canvas, double-click the Start activity.
  2. On the Properties tab of the Property Panel for the Start activity, create the first input parameter:
    1. In the first empty row under Input Parameter Name field, type adapter name.
    2. Press Tab, and verify that the corresponding value under Context Name is the same as in Input Parameter Name and that the Required check box is selected.
  3. Repeat step 2 to create the second and third input parameters, directory command and directory name.
    The following figure shows the Properties tab with the input parameters.

    Input parameters for Start activity

  4. Click OK to close the Property Panel for the Start activity and return to the design canvas.
  5. To save the workflow, click File> Save.


    Save the workflow frequently.