Audit records

Audit records include information about grid configuration such as details about additions, updates, and changes to any configuration on the grid.

Audit records are created for:

  • Installation of a BMC Atrium Orchestrator configuration distribution peer (CDP)
  • Creation of grids (logged as CDP creation in the tables, attaching to the newly created grid)
  • Creation and deletion of peers
  • Adapter creation (listed as deployed), enable (listed as activated), and disable (listed as deactivated)
  • Module activation and deactivation
  • Application adapter installation
  • BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio user login (logged as configured with the first successful login for each BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio workstation). This login is associated with the IP address of the workstation. If the IP address of the workstation changes, multiple records are created.
  • BMC Atrium Orchestrator user login and logout via Grid Manager and REST API (called USER in the tables)
  • Job (process) submitted by a user via a schedule, ORCA, legacy, or REST API  (called JOB in the tables)

This section includes the following topics:


For a video series on collecting grid metrics and audit records, including setting up collection, see Managing metrics and audit records.