Workflow execution

In the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Operator Control Panel application, you can control workflow execution using two modes. Both modes enable you to provide user input when prompted by the workflow and to view workflow execution as it occurs. However, you use Run to completion to run most workflows, and Step mode to troubleshoot workflows that end in compensation.

Run to completion mode

This mode executes the workflow without pausing at each activity. When you execute a workflow using Run to completion, the workflow begins immediately and executes until the end of the workflow, or until compensation occurs. The workflow pauses for your input where necessary, such as a text value you enter or input you select from the dialog. The results of the workflow execution display in the Information pane and the Activity Results.

Step mode

This mode enables you to troubleshoot the workflow by stepping over or into activities during workflow execution. As the workflow runs, BMC Atrium Orchestrator Operator Control Panel pauses at each activity and waits for your input. This input could be a text value you enter, input you select from the dialog, or a Step comment such as Step over, Step into, or Return. When you run a workflow in Step mode, you can switch to Run to completion mode at any point during workflow execution.

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