Uploading content to the repository

If you have repositories separated physically or by a firewall, you can upload adapters and modules that you downloaded from another repository and saved to physical media. You can also upload custom adapters and adapters that were created by individuals from outside your organization.

Repository Manager enables you to upload files that have the following extensions:


Content type





If the file name contains a date and time stamp, the upload utility removes it when you upload the file to the repository. The utility assigns a new date and time stamp to the module or adapter, treating it as new content.

The following video (5:33) demonstrates how to upload content to the repository.


Before you begin

You must have accessed Repository Manager.

To upload content to the repository

  1. From Repository Manager, select the Manage Content tab.
  2. Click Upload.
  3. From the file selection dialog box, select a .roar or .aroar file to upload.

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