Troubleshooting the dashboards

This topic covers the following issues that you may encounter when using the dashboard and provides more information to help solve the problem.

As a general practice, take the following steps to deal with data display issues:

  1. Refresh the data by clicking the refresh icon .
  2. Check with your Grid administrator to determine if there is an issue with BMC Atrium Orchestrator.
  3. Report the problem.

I cannot access the dashboard.

There are several possible reasons that you cannot access the dashboard. The following list provides some actions that might resolve the problem. If the problem persists, report it. 

  • Verify that the Tomcat server is running.
    If it is not running, start the Tomcat server (see Configuring your environment to use BMC Atrium Orchestrator dashboards for instructions).
  • Verify that the healthdashboard.war file is located in the tomcat/webapps directory
  • Verify that the dashboard URL is accurate (see Accessing the dashboards). The default port is 18080. If you modified the port number, ensure that the port number is correct.
  • Verify that cookies are enabled in the browser.

What time zone is shown in the dashboard?

The default time zone shown in the dashboard is the time zone of the host server.

What is the session timeout value?

The dashboard times out after 30 minutes of inactivity. You must log back into the dashboard.

My data isn't refreshing.

Click the refresh icon . If the data does not update, check with the Grid administrator to ensure that BMC Atrium Orchestrator is running and that there are no problems on that side.

BMC Atrium Orchestrator is not running, but the dashboard is showing data.

If you logged into the dashboard before BMC Atrium Orchestrator stopped running, the last recorded data appears in the dashboard.

If you click the refresh icon  only the authentication system information appears in the dashboard. If you log out of the dashboard, you will not be able to log back into the dashboard while BMC Atrium Orchestrator is not running.

I do not see the fully qualified host name in the server information on the Health Dashboard page.

The dashboard does not report the fully qualified host names. As long as the first part of the name matches, there should not be a problem.

I do not see the version in the server or peer information on the Health Dashboard or Peers page.

Verify that the server is running and that it is running BMC Atrium Orchestrator version 7.8. 

Adapter information is missing on the Health Dashboard page.

Click the refresh icon  to ensure that the dashboard displays the latest data. If the adapter information is still missing, check with the Grid administrator to determine if there are any problems on the BMC Atrium Orchestrator side.

Job information is missing on the Health Dashboard page.

If you believe that there are jobs running and you do not see them in the dashboard, first click the refresh icon  to ensure that the dashboard displays the latest data. If the job information is still missing, ask the Grid administrator to confirm that the jobs are running and, if they are running, to determine if there is a problem on the BMC Atrium Orchestrator side.

The dashboard does not reflect the changes that I made in the file.

Restart the Tomcat server and log back into the dashboard. Changes to the file take effect after you restart the Tomcat server (see Configuring your environment to use BMC Atrium Orchestrator dashboards for instructions).

Users do not see Value reports in the Value Dashboard and there are reports available

Check the following:

  • Ensure that users have Grid Management permission (see Assigning grid permissions for more information).
  • Ensure that users are providing the database URL using the required format when configuring their metric database (see the formats specified in Database URLs and drivers). If users specify a different format, they may be able to view the Value Dashboard, but not see any reports.

I am trying to view Value reports for a daily time period, but no data is shown

Check that there is data in the database tables (see Grid performance table information). There should be data in the tables. If there is no data, check the following:

Ensure that your metrics collection settings work with your Value report settings. For example, if users will view Value reports using daily report periods, the grid metric Collection option should be set to minutes or hours. See Managing grid performance records for information about metrics collection settings and see Value Dashboard for details about viewing Value reports.

The list of available processes on the Create Report screen does not show all the available processes.

You may see an error in the dashboard.log file that is similar to the following. : Could not create a DBCP pool
org.apache.commons.dbcp.SQLNestedException: Cannot load JDBC driver class 'com.mysql.jdbc.Driver' 

Complete the following steps:

  1. Verify that you have installed the JDBC driver in the AO_HOME/lib/add-ons directory for the dashboards. See Configuring the metrics and audit records database for instructions.
  2. Restart the dashboard server (see Starting and stopping product components and services).
  3. Execute each missing process through a schedule so that it creates a entry in the database and then click the refresh icon  in the Create Report screen to update the process list. See Adding a process schedule for information.

The dashboard does not display properly in Internet Explorer 11 

This could be caused by the Compatibility View setting being incorrect. It should be set to IE11 or "Edge." Check the Compatibility View setting and change it if needed as follows:

  1. In Internet Explorer, choose Tools > F12 developer tools.
  2. Confirm that the icon displays the correct version as shown in the following image:
  3. If the incorrect version is shown, choose the correct version from the Compatibility View menu.

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  1. Mahesh Argade


    I have send out an email to you detailing the steps.

    And have explained the need to copy the JAR files to TWO separate locations.

    Please verify them with QA and let me know.


    Many thanks,


    Aug 11, 2015 12:31
    1. Dorothy Poole

      Hi Mahesh,

      I have followed up on this with the team and included you in the email. Thank you very much for all of this information. I hope to have this tested and confirmed soon and I will update the page. Best regards, Dottie 

      Aug 11, 2015 06:28
    1. Dorothy Poole

      Thank you again for your suggestions. The page is updated to include them.

      Aug 14, 2015 03:44