Metrics activity

When a process runs on a grid, information about the process, such as context items, status, parameters, category, and descriptions, can be collected and stored in a database. Before it can be saved to the database, you must use Grid Manager to configure the environment. For information on how to configure the environment so that data can be collected and sent to the database, see Metrics database.

When you are creating a process with the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio application, use the Metrics activity to specify the business metrics you want to collect when the process runs. The Metrics activity only sends data to the database when the process runs on a grid. Data is not sent to the database when the process is tested in BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio.


If a context item has no value at the time the metric is recorded, a null is recorded and a message is written to the processes.log on the peer that is executing the process. The message is assigned a log level of INFO.

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