How the program uninstalls components

During the installation of a BMC Atrium Orchestrator component, the installation program creates a subdirectory in the component installation directory that contains an uninstallation program for that component. You use this uninstallation program to uninstall that component and any other components also installed in that component installation directory, as described in the following scenario.

The example describes uninstalling the components using the GUI. During a silent uninstallation the program uninstalls components in the same way.

Example: CDP installed with BMC Atrium Orchestrator Operator Control Panel

Suppose that when you installed the CDP, you also selected the Operator Control Panel option. 
During the installation of these components, you specified the following directory: /opt/bmc/ao/cdp. The installation program installed the CDP and BMC Atrium Orchestrator Operator Control Panel in this directory. 

In this scenario, if you launch the uninstallation program from /opt/bmc/ao/cdp/uninstallBMCAO, the uninstallation program will also uninstall the Operator Control Panel component, because it was installed with the CDP and is located in the same directory. When the Uninstallation Preview panel opens, it shows the parent and child components that will be uninstalled (in this case, the CDP and OCP components).

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