Downloading content from the repository

You can download adapters and modules as files that you can save to physical media and transport to another repository. This capability enables you to maintain multiple repositories, separated physically or by firewalls.

For example, you might want to separate your production repository from your development repository.
Default output file names use the following naming convention, but you can overwrite the default name:
contentName_contentVersion_Year-month-day_revisionNumber.extension or contentName.contentVersion_Year-month-day_revisionNumber.extension

The type of content determines the extension:

  • Downloaded files for modules have a .roar extension.
  • Downloaded files for adapters have a .aroar extension.


    bmc-adapter-amazon-s3-actor_20.13.01.00_2013-03-20_02.24.24_1.aroar and AMP-AD-BMC_Performance_Manager_Portal.

Before you begin

You must have accessed Repository Manager.

To download content from the repository

  1. From Repository Manager, select the Manage Content tab.
    By default, the list contains all of the adapters and modules in the repository.
  2. (Optional) To filter the list by type, select Adapter or Module from the Show list.
  3. (Optional) To view versions or revisions of selected content, expand the folders under the top-level content folder.
  4. In the list of content, select the revision to download, and click Download.

    The Download button becomes active when you select a single revision or when you select a folder that contains a single revision.
  5. In the dialog box that is displayed, save the file to your local file system or external media.
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