Connecting to an environment

The BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio application uses connections to establish communication with an environment. Connections are displayed in the environments pane of the Welcome page.

The following BMC Communities video (4:28) demonstrates how to connect Development Studio to a CDP.

To establish a connection to a CDP

  1. From the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio Welcome page, click Connections.
  2. Click .
    BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio creates a new connection with a default connection name. BMC recommends changing the connection name to a more descriptive name for your environment.


    If you connect BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio to multiple environments, it is helpful to give the connection a concise name that you associate with the environment.

  3. Enter the authentication information:



    Connection Name

    Specifies the name for the connection.

    User name

    Specifies the account used to log on to the environment and configure the connection.

    This account must have Grid Administration or Development Studio permissions. When BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio needs to connect to a grid, this name is the default used in the grid login dialog box.


    Specifies the password that corresponds to the user name.

    Host Name/IP

    Specifies the host name or IP address of the CDP server.

    Peer Context

    Contains baocdp by default .
    If the CDP peer was installed using a Peer Context other than the default, then this must be edited to match.


    Specifies the web server HTTPS port specified during the CDP server installation .
    The default installation value is 38080.


    Specifies the protocol used to retrieve the configuration file from the CDP server.


    If you are using HTTP and you want to use the HTTPS option, additional configuration is needed on the CDP and the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio workstation. See Security for details.

  4. Click Connect.
    If the server has multiple IP addresses, an IP address window is displayed from which you select the IP address to use.
  5. Click Close to exit the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio Configuration window.

If you have any issues with the connection, see Troubleshooting connection problems for suggested solutions.

To delete a connection

  1. In the Connections List panel, select the connection to delete.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. Click OK to delete the connection.
    If you attempt to delete the currently active connection, BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio warns you. Although you can delete the active connection, the workspace containing the run books, modules, and processes remains. You cannot export processes from the workspace until you connect to an environment.


To stop the delete process, click Cancel.

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