Backing up server.xml and broker-config.xml files

Before upgrading BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform, make copies of the server.xml and broker-config.xml files and copy them to a different directory where they will not be replaced during the upgrade. These files might have been manually modified for your environment. After the upgrade, you may want to incorporate the previous changes made for your environment in your new server.xml and broker-config.xml files and you will have the copies for reference.

The server.xml file is located in the AO_HOME\tomcat\conf directory.

The broker-config.xml files are located in the AO_HOME/server/.jms directory for BMC Atrium Orchestrator components.

In these directory locations, AO_HOME represents the directory in which you installed the BMC Atrium Orchestrator component on a server.


For BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform 7.8.02, refer to Cipher suites for 7.8.02 and later. Supported cipher suites changed in 7.8.02 and the cipher suite information in your backup files may be outdated. When using your backup files as a reference for modifying post-upgrade files, ensure that your cipher suite information is valid.

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