Adding adapters to a grid

You must add adapters to the grid so that they can establish connections and facilitate communications between BMC Atrium Orchestrator workflows and the external applications and support systems.You add adapters to the grid once you install the required adapter. The Grid Manager Adapters tab enables you to add adapters to and remove them from the grid. The Grid Manager Adapters tab enables you to add adapters to and remove them from the grid.

The following video (8:23) demonstrates how to add an adapter to a BMC Atrium Orchestrator grid and how to use Grid Manager to configure the adapter and enable the adapter on a peer in the grid.

To add adapters to a grid

  1. In the Grid Manager application, select the Manage tab, and then select the Adapters tab.

    The Adapters in Repository table on the left of the screen displays all the adapters in the repository.
  2. (Optional) If you want to add the adapters to a grid other than the one displayed, use the Select grid list to choose the alternate grid.
  3. (Optional) Click the plus sign to expand the listing for an adapter to show previous versions and revisions of the adapter.
  4. Select the adapters that you want to add to the grid.


    You can select more than one adapter, but you can select only one version or revision of any adapter.

    If you select a previous version or revision of an adapter and then close the parent node on the tree, the selection is cleared. If you want to select any version or revision of the adapter earlier than the latest, you must leave the tree expanded.

  5. Click Add to Grid.
    The adapters are added to the grid. The adapter names are added to the Adapters on Grid table on the right of the screen.


    You must configure the adapters before you can use them on the grid.

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