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Using the Maintenance Tool to encrypt a password

The Maintenance Tool that is installed with the platform server components enables you to create encrypted passwords that you can use in configuration files.


You can perform this procedure if you have installed 7.6.02 SP2 or later.

Do not use the Maintenance Tool that is installed with BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio.

Before you begin

You must have installed one of the server components and have access to the installation directory.

During the installation of a BMC Atrium Orchestrator component, the installation program creates a MaintainBMCAO subdirectory in the component installation directory. This directory is the container for the Maintenance Tool program.

To use the Maintenance Tool to encrypt a password

  1. Navigate to the <installationDirectory>/MaintainBMCAO directory, and start one of the following programs:
    • Windows: PlatformMaintenanceTool.cmd
    • UNIX: PlatformMaintenanceTool.sh

  2. When the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Maintenance Tool window opens, select the Encrypt tab.

  3. Type and confirm the password.

  4. Click Encrypt.

    The encrypted password is displayed in the Encrypted password text box.

  5. Copy and paste the encrypted password into a configuration file.

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