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Sample use case - unresponsive device recovery

At Calbro Systems, engineers discover fifteen unresponsive devices twice a day at random times. Each time the problem occurs, one level-2 engineer fixes the issue in five minutes, and spends another five minutes updating and closing the incident ticket. This problem has been ongoing for nine months. Because this a low priority, the problem will continue until the devices are replaced the following year.

Problem analysis



Number of devices



twice a day

Time it takes to fix the issue (includes time to update and close ticket)

10 minutes



Costs per day: 15 devices * twice a day * 10mins * $0.82 FTE/min


Costs per month (30 days)


Estimated savings

Calbro Systems recouped $7,380 per month when they automated device restarts, totaling $88,560 by the time the devices are replaced.

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