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Installation properties for content options files

This topic lists the properties that you can include in the options file for content. The values that you assign to these properties determine the settings for the installation program.

To help you determine your property values, see Sample content options file templates.
When you use the silent installation to install content, the computer from which you run the installation program must have network access to the repository computer.


If you have purchased the following solutions from BMC, see the system requirements and installation procedures for the predefined workflows in the solutions. Do not use the silent installation procedures on this page to install predefined workflows.

  • BMC Continuous Compliance for Network Automation
  • BMC Continuous Compliance for Server Automation
  • BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management
  • BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management without ITSM
  • BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Triage and Remediation

Installation properties for content options file

Property name

Description and sample property


Specifies the full path to the installation directory
Default value:

  • Windows: c:\Program Files\BMC Software\AO\content
  • UNIX: /opt/bmc/ao/content
    -P installLocation=C:\Program Files\BMC Software\AO\content


Used with the content installer, specifies to install all content for BMC Atrium Orchestrator; does not include BSM Solution workflows


To specify the group of adapters to install, use one of the following values:

  • ALL: installs all base and application adapters
  • BASE or base-adapters: installs all base adapters but no application adapters
  • APP or application-adapters: installs all application adapters but no base adapters
    -J AO_INSTALLING_FEATURES=APP,adapter-http,adapter-jms


To specify the group of modules to install, use one of the following values:

  • ALL: installs all platform and task management modules
  • platform-modules: installs all platform modules
  • task-management-modules: installs all task management modules but no platform modules
  • run-book-modules: installs all run books
    -J AO_INSTALLING_FEATURES=platform-modules
    -J AO_INSTALLING_FEATURES=run-book-modules
    -J AO_INSTALLING_FEATURES=task-management-modules


To specify selected content, type the feature names, separated by a comma.
-J AO_INSTALLING_FEATURES=adapter-email,adapter-http,
For a complete list of valid features, see Sample content options file templates.


Specifies the types of content installed
For more information about installation types, see Installing BMC Atrium Orchestrator content.

  • INSTALL_TYPE_CUSTOM: installs any combination of content
    Always specify this option unless you have purchased a BMC solution that requires one of the BMC solutions that requires a predefined workflow.
  • INSTALL_TYPE_SOLUTIONS: installs content based on predefined BSM solutions; the adapters integrate with other BMC products
    When you specify this option, you must also include the following properties:
    • REMEDY_PORT_NUMBER: "0" for automatic port mapping, or you can use specific port number
    • REMEDY_HOSTNAME: DNS name or IP of the target Remedy ITSM system
    • REMEDY_USER_NAME: Remedy administrator user name
    • REMEDY_PASSWORD: Remedy user password
    • ITSM_AUTHORING_COMPANY: Support company name for imported templates
    • ITSM_AUTHORING_ORGANIZATION: Support organization name for imported templates
    • ITSM_AUTHORING_GROUP: Support group name for imported templates



Specifies the protocol used to access the repository


Specifies the host name of IP address for the repository. The value cannot be a loopback address


Specifies the port to access the repository


Specifies the user name required to log on


Specifies the password that corresponds to the user name
Note: The password value is encrypted and is not stored in the installation log.

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