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Develop formal designs

For each use case, create formal designs from the initial workflow sketches. This process accelerates the creation of the workflows in BMC Atrium Orchestrator, and ensures the highest content quality and performance. During this process other group members’ involvement might be required. Formal workflow designs should contain:

  • Identified systems required
  • System communication methods
  • Data required of each system
  • Business logic required
  • Data required for business logic
  • Inputs and outputs for each workflow/process
  • Identify required metrics for benchmarking orchestration activities
  • Measurement points

A sample formal workflow design is shown in the figure below.

Formal workflow design



When developing the designs, analyze the designs for reuse possibilities. Consider where else basic automation, logic, or data might be applied in other use cases. Planning for reuse can avoid redeveloping workflow segments that are very similar.

Where to go from here

Automate the workflows

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