What's new in 20.17.01

This topic describes the new features in BMC Atrium Orchestrator version 20.17.01. For updates to existing features in this release, see 20.17.01 enhancements.

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REST adapter

A new adapter for executing RESTful API requests has been introduced in this release. The new REST adapter provides a JSON-friendly experience for performing actions faster and easier. Using the REST adapter one can integrate with any application that provides a REST interface. The REST adapter supports standard HTTP methods such as POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE. 

For more information, see REST adapter.

New operations added to the Microsoft Active Directory adapter

The following table describes the new operations are added to the Microsoft Active Directory adapter.

AutoPilot OA Grid Management module

A new AutoPilot OA Grid Management module is introduced, which provides out-of-the-box workflows to run the adapter management and module management REST API calls support by BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform. The Grid Management module calls the new REST adapter to run the REST API requests. 

For more information, see Grid Management module.

New common utilities to support the Tokenize Large String process

The following new utilities are added to the XML utilities module in the AutoPilot-AD-Common_Utilities module for parsing very large string input:

  • Create For Loop XML
  • String to XML using Delimiter

For more information, see XML utilities

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